We are an Approved Activity Provider for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the expedition section of the DofE Award. Having run over 300 DofE expeditions for over 10 years in various areas, we know how the Award works and can support you in delivering high quality expeditions.

For schools with established programmes, we can provide assessors or extra supervisors as needed. Or we can provide a wraparound service including identifying expedition areas, training, planning and expedition delivery. In between those levels of service, if you have recently taken on the Award leader role and are finding your feet, we can support you in your first year, give you some on-the-ground top-up training and establish a template for future expeditions that you can run with or without our help. We are very happy to “do ourselves out of a job” and perhaps move on to helping you with higher levels of the award.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements. Whether or not you use us, here are three top tips to make running expeditions easier, learned the hard way over years of refinement.


1. Form teams of 7 at the earliest opportunity.

2. Do training in the fewest, biggest chunks you can

3. Identify “The Team of Doom” early on

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If you'd like further advice about running expeditions (again, whether or not you're in the market for expedition services - we'll always make time for Award Leaders as we've been there!) please get in touch.